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Part II: Hospitality Spoken Here

Enhance your impact at work—learn to host customers, instead of merely waiting on them.

Are you interested in transforming yourself from just another junior employee to one who is appreciated by both your customers and supervisors alike? Would you also like to make your job more personally fulfilling?

Part II: Hospitality Spoken Here describes the art and skills of "customer craft". It explains how to engage with customers effectively in varying circumstances. This section even explains how to helpfully inform tough-to-please customers who say they are "just browsing". It also covers ways for working with customers demonstrating differing personality types. Further, it explores the selection and use of packaging materials, to ensure that customers arrive home with their merchandise in undamaged, brand-new condition. Finally, Part II describes how to build a business atmosphere conducive to customer success. It covers advantageous ways for displaying merchandise as well as how to best curate a business's sights, sounds and even aromas.

Table of Contents

  • Customer Craft
    • Greeting Customers
    • Easing Customer Burdens
    • Making Conversation
    • Serving Different Types of Customers
    • Serving Customers with General Needs
    • Departure Etiquette
    • Serving Customers with Specific Needs
    • Taking a Systems Approach
    • Writing Things Down
    • Do Your Research
    • Customer Follow-Up
  • Merchandise Appreciation
    • Handling Merchandise
    • Factory Packaging
    • Store Packaging
    • Gift Wrapping and Shipping
    • Protection and Safety Supplies
  • Business Atmosphere
    • Maintaining Order
    • Displaying Merchandise
    • Minding Your Business
    • Mastering Store Lighting
    • Managing Sounds
    • Scents, Smells, Aromas, and Odors