Helping Young People Succeed at Work

Book: Success Spoken Here

The Young-Person's Guide to the Customer-Facing Workplace

How to:
  • Identify and obtain a great first job
  • Enhance your impact and satisfaction at work


Success Spoken Here: Helping teens find great jobs and succeed in them. This book explains how to identify and obtain a great first job, then impress everyone starting on day one. It also describes how to enhance your impact and satisfaction at work by learning to host customers, instead of merely waiting on them.

Part I: First Job Success explains why companies succeed and where young people fit into that success. Further, it describes critical verbal communications skills that young employees should master to be most effective at work, including recommendations for improving those skills. The heart of Part I explains how to search for a job suited to one's interests, providing keen instructions and tools for identifying appealing employers and for contacting them. It further covers several important tasks to address before starting work, such as getting one's wardrobe and transportation in order. Finally, Part I features several behaviors to pursue on the job—as well as many to avoid—that will stimulate success, not stifle it.

Part II: Hospitality Spoken Here describes the art and skills of "customer craft". It explains how to engage with customers effectively in varying circumstances. This section even explains how to helpfully inform tough-to-please customers who say they are "just browsing". It also covers ways for working with customers demonstrating differing personality types. Further, it explores the selection and use of packaging materials, to ensure that customers arrive home with their merchandise in undamaged, brand-new condition. Finally, Part II describes how to build a business atmosphere conducive to customer success. It covers advantageous ways for displaying merchandise as well as how to best curate a business's sights, sounds and even aromas.

Audiences: Primarily written for high school-aged students, Success Spoken Here will be helpfully instructive for customer-facing employees of all ages. It also serves as a beneficial resource for parents eager to help their children find a job suited to their personality, interests and experience. Further, it makes a great employee operating manual, providing economical and useful training for young new hires.

Table of Contents