Helping Young People Succeed at Work


How to Help Your Teens Succeed at Work

  • Give the book to your child or children
  • Read it yourself, to better guide your children
  • Use the Reading Checklists to help your kids read the whole book and get more out of it
  • Help your kids with the job-search tools
  • Rehearse interviews with your kids, as described in the book, and otherwise help them exercise their communication skills
  • Help your kids financially, for example with clothing and transportation enhancements
  • Counsel your kids with their frustrations on the job

Help Your Teen Find a Great Job and Succeed

Although Success Spoken Here is written specifically for young adults, parents will find much helpful advice and insight in it as well. Parents who read it will be better equipped to counsel their high-school-aged children as they 1) look for a suitable job, 2) prepare to start working and 3) gain on-the-job experience.

Parents Can Play a Big Role

Instead of just telling your teen-age child to "get a job", help them identify and obtain a position that suits and interests them. And instead of assuming their on-the-job training will be all they need to master their duties, give them an easy-to-read manual that will guide them on the job. Also, by reading it yourself, you will be better equipped to counsel your child at work. The knowledge you gain will help you support them on an ongoing basis, so they get more out of their early work experience.

Want Ads are Just a Start

Without the foundational information provided in the book, many kids will not know where to start looking for a job. Nor will many parents. Success Spoken Here provides much insight and advice for identifying target companies and approaching them, whether they are presently advertising an entry-level positon or not.

On-the-Job Training is Not Guaranteed

Once your child starts working, can you assume they will receive all the on-the-job training they need to succeed and grow? Many businesses, especially small businesses, do not have the capital or other resources to offer comprehensive training. Many employers present a few guidelines and guardrails, leaving young adults to sink or swim based on their own wits. Success Spoken Here will help them burnish those wits, so they will be ready to perform and know which unhelpful behaviors to avoid.

Don't Let Your Child Languish in a Lousy Position

If your teen takes the first job that comes along, without giving any thought to how it suits their interests or aspirations, they may find they truly hate working. What a shame. Wouldn't it be better to give them the insights and tools to identify a positon that suits their interests, so they can make a greater contribution in their role.

Make Sure Your Teen is Equipped to Contribute and Advance

Success Spoken Here is geared to teens working in customer-facing roles. Helping them learn to host customers, instead of merely waiting on them, will set them up to be valued contributors. They will be more capable of humanizing the extremely important interactions between customers and companies working together to solve problems, satisfy needs, and fulfill wants.

Success Builds Enthusiasm, Which Builds More Success

Starting one's early career in a boring, non-stimulating role is a recipe for a bad relationship with work in general. Beginning it in a stimulating position, meanwhile, where a teen can make a contribution, is much more likely to produce enthusiasm about working. Little does more to promote success than enthusiasm about one's work, one's company, and one's customers.